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The year 2013 has come to an end and what a year it has been for my 2 Flatcoated Retrievers!

They both have proven themselves as real dual-purpose dogs, as they should be as real Flatcoated Retrievers.

They both are active, multi-talented gundogs with a strong desire to please people and a big will-to-please, as they should be as real Flatcoated Retrievers.

They both were arwarded a lot on dogshows, with lots of highlights like Dustin who became BEST OF BREED on the CACIB dogshow in Luik (Belgium) and Little Miss Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera aka Fenna aka her new nickname " Veni, Vidi, Vici  "

I always call Dustin my 'working' Flatcoat because he is not an offspring of 'show' breeding lines. But he can challenge and compete also at dogshows, thanks to his great ancestors like Neala's Jellyfish Kiss, Wizardwood MajorOak, Figor van de Demerbron, ....

His highlights this year concerning the hunting world were definitly his 2 MAP B degrees in The Netherlands

Thanks to Dustin, Little Miss Beauty 'Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera' has learned so much about hunting and developed great hunting skills which resulted in super results on the gundog competition all over Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera had a fabulous year concerning dogshow, with 'the' highlight being awarded as BEST OF BREED at the Amsterdam Winner Show 2013, thanks to her great ancestors like Almanza I hate Mondays, Almanza Sweet Georgia Brown, Almanza Larry O'Grady, Whizzbang's Pina Colada, Almanza Crash'n Burn, .....

All of this was never possible without having the right friends next by my side who helped me also after my emergency surgery this summer, as help was needed!

Thank you all so very much and also a big thank you to all the honourable judges who have appreciated my dogs this year, both in the field as on the dogshows, and a big thank you to all the respactable breeders of Flatcoated Retrievers, antecedents of my 2 treasures!

Merry Christmas to you all !!!

Latest news 2013

Flatcoated retriever België

December 2013


Happy New Year!!!!


Today we had a review on the year 2013. What a fantastic year it has been for my 2 Flatcoated Retrievers!  Look at their pages for the review.

15/12 Amsterdam Winner show - NL

Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera goes all the way

Junior class Female  : 1 Excellent

Beste Junior Female

BOB Junior

New title

"Junior Winster 2013"

Crufts 2014 Qualification




Beste Female 

Double CAC

New Title

"Winster 2013"

Crufts 2014 Qualification




and top of the bill



of 69 entries

Judge Dimitris Antonopulos



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November 2013

17/11 CACIB Eurodogshow Kortrijk - Belgium : Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera 1 Excellent in intermediate class  and  also  


16/11 CACIB Eurodogshow Kortrijk - Belgium : Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera 3 Excellent in intermediate class

10/11 CAC-Karslruhe - Germany : Whizzabang's Scarlet  Rivera 4 Excellent in  a strong intermediate class


Flatcoated retriever België
Bel Ami Belge

Flatcoated retriever België

09/11 CACIB - Karlsruhe - Germany :  Whizzabang's Scarlet  Rivera got 1 Excellent in Junior Class and became BOB Junior.  This lovely result makes her

German Junior VDH Champion '13

and "Jugendsieger Baden-Württemberg".

03/11 CACIB Bleiswijk -  Holland :  For the first time we entered the  intermediate class (15-24 months) and Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera got a nice  2 Excellent  & RCACIB under judge Leila Karkas. 

Oktober 2013

19/10 MAP Gundogs Contest - Heerle -NL : very lovely and succesfull day we had in Holland ,  Dustin succeeded  and got a very nice MAP B degree with 507/600 points!

13/10  Bundessieger Dortmund Germany - 61 entries

Judge Hassi Assenmacher - Feyel (D)

Junior Females (15 entries): Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera 1 Excellent  - BOB Junior -

"Bundesjugendsieger 2013" -

Crufts Qualification 2014

11/10 Interternational CACIB show Dormund Germany - 54 entries

Judge Aramis Joey Lim (AUS)

Junior females (9 entries): Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera  1 Excellent  -

BOB Junior -

"Herbst-JugendSieger Dortmund 2013"

7/10 MAP Gundogs Contest - Kruiningen NL : new day , new chances, we were prepared this time, we knew better what to expect from this kind of contests. And it worked, we closed the day with a very nice MAP B gundog degree for Dustin!!

5/10 MAP Gundogs Contest - Lage Zwaluwe NL : everything went super, above expectations , on the first MAP ever of Pepper. Untill the last test we were still going for the MAP B  degree. But then, Dustin decided it has been enough for the day and brought the 2 retrieves together to me.... that was not part of the game, so the judge sad 0.... But he had worked excellent during the day.

September 2013

28/09 & 29/09 Dogshow CACIB Maastricht - Holland : Junior Class - Fenna  1 Excellent - JCAC =>

Dutch Junior Champion 2013

& 3 Excellent

21/09 Dogshow CACIB Brussels - Belgium : Junior Class - Fenna 1 Excellent  + JCAC  + BOB Junior + Crufts Qualification 2014 + new title

'Belgian Junior Winster 2013' 

- Judge Theo Leenen (BE)

15/09 CAC dogshow Krefeld - Germany : Junior Class Fenna  3 excellent  - Judge Herbert Klemann (DE)

08/09 CACIB dogshow Luxemburg :  Junior Class Fenna 2 Excellent  - Judge : MJ Melchior (Lux)

August 2013

25/08 Rotterdam - NL Rotterdam - NL : Junior Class Fenna : 3 Excellent  Judge A Czegledi (HU)

24/08 Heukelom - NL - KNJV Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera succeeded for a very nice KNJV C degree today.

19/08 Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera got on her first KNJV hunting contest ever a very nice KNJV B  (68/80) + KNJV C degree  (43/50) ,  on the age of 13 months, at the KNJV contest at Klundert, NL

04/08 CACIB Leuven Dogshow : Dustin  2 Excellent Open Class

July 2013

28/07 Gundogs Cold Game Test Arendonk - Belgium : Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera got an nice gundogs basic license with 96/100 points today.

21/07 Dogshow CACIB Luik - Belgium :

Fenna 1 Excellent + JCAC Junior Class

Dustin 1 Excellent Open Class +



New Title "GOLDEN WINNER 2013 "

Fenna + Dustin = BOB Brace


20/07 KNJV contest - Heerle - The Netherlands : Dustin succeeded for his second KNJV B with enough points to go to MAP B contests later this summer.

15/07 Gundogs Cold game Test Lanaken - Belgium : Dustin got a Gundogs Advanced License with 140/160 points, Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera (Fenna) got a Gundogs Basic License with 96/100.

07/07 Dogshow CACIB Echt- (NL) : Whizzbang's Scarlet Rivera 1 Excellent Junior Class + JCAC (Judge V.M. Soleckyi-Szpunar PL)

June 2013

15/06 Préseau - France : Both Dustin and Fenna get the admission to Field Trials in France, le Sélectif B !

08/06 CAC Dogshow Lommel (BE) Fenna : 1 Excellent - JCAC - Judge T Peixoto (P) -


+ Pepper : 1 Excellent Open Class

02/06 CAC Dogshow Gierle (BE) - Fenna : 1 Excellent - JCAC - Judge Bruno Facq (FR) BRC clubmatch

02/06 CAC Dogshow Gierle (BE) - Fenna : 4 Excellent - Judge Jim Irvine (GB) BFRC clubmatch

01/06 CACIB Dogshow Oss (NL) - Fenna : 1 Exellent - JCAC - RCAC - 2e best bitch (judge : P Krol (PL))

Flatcoated retriever België
Flatcoated retriever
Flatcoated retriever België
Flatcoated retriever België